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Developer Philip Fertsman
Audio Nicholas Gard
Release Date October 10, 2022
Platforms Windows / Linux
Price $5 USD


Enter the Datascape through two game modes: RUN or EXPLORE.

In the RUN, play as Cord, a hacker for hire. With your flatline construct AI Zen, assist the runners outside in stealing from the SimulaCom Corporation. During the downtime explore a section of the Datascape, entering programs that can be similar to personal websites or could house an AI that controls corporate androids. The RUN will put you under pressure. The runners' lives are on the line and situations may get tense!

If you just want a chill exploratory experience, this game is still for you. In EXPLORE mode, you are free to take your time exploring programs and hacking ICE. Relax and take in the views, find all the pieces of the message or discover what lies inside the Black ICE.



  • An hour long RUN // Take the place of the hacker Cord and assist a group to steal a virus from the SimulaCom Corporation.
  • A relaxing EXPLORE Mode // Once the RUN is over or if that’s not your thing. Find the secrets of this section of the Datascape in EXPLORE mode. Discover all of the messages or witness what lies inside the Black ICE.
  • Cyberpunk Aesthetic // Experience a deceptively simple neon aesthetic inspired by the early Cyberpunk works.
  • Over fifteen programs to witness within the Datascape.
  • Cheat Codes // Find cheat codes that can act as checkpoints, disable mission failure or unlock functions already found for the next time you enter the Grid.
  • Input // Played best with keyboard and a controller on stand-by.
  • Hacking // Two distinct hacking interfaces one designed for keyboard (TERMINAL) another designed for controller (CURSOR).
  • Accessible // Rebind your keys and use “cheat codes” to customize your experience. (Initial cheat codes available in text file in your installation folder)


The inspiration for the game’s aesthetic came while reading the 1984 cyberpunk novel Neuromancer with its description of neon colors and a lattice-like internet grid. The hacking mechanics came out of the grid one evening and stuck around. 

In the past few years I have begun to greatly appreciate digital spaces, little environments built to just be in. I have begun to collect different places I like to go from time to time and it inspired me to incorporate that into the game through many of the programs. I took the idea and simplified it as much as I could and built into a blank level, a void.


Philip is a dev based out of Nova Scotia. He has been making games for 4 years now with Datascape being his first shipped project. He taught himself to code and then took a game dev college program.
When he's not building spaces he's brushing his cats wondering what is in store for our planetary future, keeping an eye on the sky and planning an ADND campaign.     

Nicholas is a sound designer and composer residing in Rhode Island. Starting in music at a young age he's been professionally producing and composing for 5 years. He is passionate for creating immersive soundscapes through synthesis and sampling, he provided original sound effects for the game as well as music.
When he's not making bleeps and bloops on his computer he enjoys sitting down with a good fantasy novel and wondering why the real magic seems so far away.


Programming / Design / Writing / Art
Philip Fertsman

Music / Sound Effects
Nicholas Gard

Additional Programming
Tyler Creaser
Chas Rose

Additional Art
Carter, K, A, Christie - SimulaCom Pyramid & Hacking
Eduardo Castillo @maionymus - 3D Technical Artist - Black ICE Object

Zen - Chas Rose
Arkadi & Cord - Philip Fertsman


Steam page / Itch page

Original Soundtrack

You can find the icon, screenshots and gifs in the press kit.


Datascape Press Kit.zip 60 MB